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Clinton Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is almost always unexpected, and like all emergencies, you must put aside what you had planned in order to address the problem. Due to the complexity and possible complications of water damage restoration, there is one way to make it easier on yourself and get back to your normal life as quickly as you can. Call a professional water damage restoration service.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton has the experience, equipment, and manpower to restore your home or business methodically from the effects of water damage. We ask that you call as soon as possible after discovering the damage, so we can recover more of your property and prevent the further damage that can occur due to waiting even an extra day.

Property Rescue and Recovery

When you discover water damage, try to stop the flow of water if it is from an internal source, like a pipe burst. If necessary, turn off the water at the main water valve. Then call 301-579-4206 to reach UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton's water damage team. We're available 24/7, so no need to wait until the morning. While waiting for us to arrive, be sure to take pictures of the damage for your insurance company.

When our restoration technicians arrive, they assess the damage and, with your permission, set to work immediately to remove excess water with professional extraction equipment.

Every water damage scenario is different. If your situation requires it, we will perform a pack out and remove your property from the area for cleaning and sanitizing. In any case, undamaged items should be removed from the damaged area to prevent them from getting damaged.

Water Damage Restoration

UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton has partnered with Flood Damage Pro to offer a full range of water damage restoration services, including water removal, rapid drying to prevent mold growth, dehumidifying and HEPA filtering, carpet and upholstery cleaning, debris removal, and sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your property. We will restore your property to its pre-loss state, and will work with you and your insurance company to process your damage claim.

We also restore fire and smoke damage, and have a complete mold remediation service, provided by our partner FDP Mold Remediation. Call 301-579-4206 and we'll start your restoration promptly and professionally.

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