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Mold Testing In Clinton

It is a terrible sight, seeing those ghastly mold marks in your home or building or having to breathe in that musty odor. Mold is one of the most annoying occurrences in a property, and in many circumstances, it has significantly lowered the value of an affected property.

The first time you notice those apparent signs of mold, it is important to seek out a professional opinion. You need to establish the extent of damage and the type of mold you have. There are a good number of toxic mold types and if you happen to have one then it is best dealt with as soon as possible to avoid endangering the lives of the people occupying the premises.

Forget DIY options. They only seem to work, but the mold recurs. The moment you suspect you have mold in your property reach out for professional mold inspection services and have them conduct extensive investigations and tests to see the magnitude of the problem.

Professional advice is always the best because you will know how best to tackle the problem. Keep in mind that mold could be existing in your home without your knowledge and you could be suffering the effects unaware. If you or other occupants of your home are constantly having flu-like symptoms that don't seem to go away then mold could be to blame.

When To Reach Out To The Professionals

The following situations should cause you to call our experts to conduct a mold inspection and testing service on your home or building.

  • If you and your family are constantly battling allergic reactions, coughing, colds, and so on and have to make frequent visits to the hospital and frequently buy medication, you should seek mold inspection services.
  • When you notice that irksome orange tinge on walls in certain parts of your property.
  • When there is a lingering musty odor in your home that won't go away, no matter how much you clean.
  • When you are considering selling your property and would love to declare it mold-free to increase its value.
  • If you have never had a mold inspection done on your property and would like to, calling the experts would be a great idea.

Clinton Mold Inspection and Testing Services

As a professional mold testing service provider in Clinton, we strive to offer our customers the best service. We carry out extensive inspection and mold testing on properties and give property owners conclusive results to enable them to take the proper measures to combat the mold problem. We also offer inspection services to property owners who want to raise the value of their property by declaring it mold-free or deal with the mold problem if it exists.

Mold Inspection and Testing

We do both mold inspection and testing, and there is a difference. We first carry out a mold inspection to establish whether there is indeed mold on the property, the cause of mold and the mold levels on the property. Next we conduct tests to find out what type of mold is on the property. This will determine the kind of elimination methods to be applied and will spur on the urgency for removal when it is the toxic kind of mold like the black mold.

Our Procedure

After you get in touch with us, there is a procedure we follow during mold inspection and testing. We always make sure you are satisfied with our services and make the best decisions when opting for mold remediation. Here is how it goes:

  • We first carry out extensive tests on your property to establish the presence of mold.
  • We look for the causes of mold on your property and mark out the areas where moisture levels are highest. From that we determine how and where excess moisture is finding its way into your property and leading to mold growth.
  • Next we do air probe testing to determine the air quality in your home or building.
  • Surface sampling and bulk sampling happens next where we study the results to determine the mold levels in your home.
  • We will offer you recommendations about the options you have for mold removal and might recommend a mold removal company if you don't have any lined up.
  • After mold remediation is done we can come back to the property to establish whether the removal process was well done.

Keep in mind that we always send our results to only laboratories that have been accredited for credibility purposes.

When Your Home Tests Positive For Mold

After you have established that your home has a case of mold it is important to examine the options you have. We will always tell you the type of mold you have and point out the problem areas for you. It is advisable to begin plans to eliminate the problem because mold can be very destructive and lower your property value. It is a good thing that you began with professionals who established what the problem was in the first place. Do not veer from this path and take matters in your own hands. Let real professionals handle it because that way you will get better results and eliminate the problem for good.

If you suspect that your home has a mold problem, you have probably seen the signs. It could be the black hideous marks on the walls, the damp smell or your home might have flooded recently. If that is the case you can contact us today and schedule an appointment with us. We understand mold and we will carry out the inspection and testing for you. Call us today at 301-579-4206 for exceptional mold inspection and testing services.

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