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  • Professional Cleaning Services
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Carpet Cleaning Clinton

Are you looking for an eco-friendly carpet care professional? Well, you have come to the right spot! We at UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton are here to offer our certified 'green' services to you! We are capable, trained and equipped to handle a variety of situations, including residential and commercial cleaning needs.

How exactly are we eco-friendly? We're really glad you asked, because we are really proud of the extra measures we take to ensure this about our work and our products. First of all, at UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton we only use certified non-toxic products. Furthermore, these products are self-neutralizing. This is a process involving pH levels that results in the chemical practically having never existed. We might use one of these products as a pre-treatment solution to a difficult stain.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning

We also promote cleaning services such as carpet steam cleaning, in which no chemicals are even applied to any surface - the cleaning is performed by our extremely powerful machines, which heat up water and spray it deep into the fibers of your carpet. Hot water is a natural cleaning agent known for its anti-bacterial properties, when used correctly.

If all we use is steam, you may be wondering why you should call a professional to do what you can rent from your local hardware store. Well, the trick with carpet steam cleaning is in the power of the machine. Our truck-mounted machines are much larger and much more powerful than a handheld, portable machine you can rent. This is important in determining the temperature of the water and the water's ability to agitate the dirt, debris, pollen and other allergens buried within your carpet fibers. Such agitation is the only method of loosening the dirt, so the power of the agitation determines how much dirt is loosened, and hence, how much cleaner your carpet will be.

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Furthermore, our truck-mounted machine has a much more powerful vacuum than the portable steam cleaner. This vacuum is what sucks out the dirt that the water loosens. So, if only half of the first layer of dirt is loosened by a weak steam cleaner, and then only half of that is sucked away, you end up with a whole lot of time spent and not much to show for it. (Which leads us to the final point, in that the power and size of our machines enables us to considerably cut down the time spent cleaning and drying the carpets.)

Immediately after UCM Carpet Cleaning Clinton comes to clean the carpets in your home, you, your children, and your pets are free to roll around on the floor all you want - it's that safe.

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Besides wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, we offer area rug cleaning. Because area rugs are frequently more expensive and made of more delicate fibers than wall-to-wall carpeting, the cleaning process is more technical and delicate. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the process, and will handle your area rugs with great care.

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Does Your Mattress Need Cleaning?

Our professional steam mattress cleaning offers top of the line cleaning, in your home and with every convenience to you. Our team is excellent with mattress stains and we use special enzymatic cleaners to remove that tell-tale urine odor.

Do You Need Hardwood Floors Refinishing?

Let us give you the perfect referral - Hardwood Revival - wood floor refinishing experts located in DC, and serving the entire DC and Baltimore area. They are truly passionate about their work, and they'll give your floors the love and attention they need after years of being walked on.

Want a Free Inspection of Your Air Ducts?

Call Dustless Duct's crew of specialists to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned. If you haven't gotten your air ducts cleaned recently, your air ducts may be full of dust, pollen and other allergens that should be extracted from your ducts and your home. For a free inspection of your air ducts, contact Dustless Duct today.

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